I sometimes receive bits and pieces of genealogy information and questions from other Attrill family members which may or may not be immediately useful. As a result I have decided to post them all here in case they can help someone with a missing link or maybe find an answer.

From Celia Male (UK): email - celiamale@yahoo.com - March 2008

I contacted you quite a few years ago in my quest for Joan Attrill, a pupil of
the English Girls' College, Alexandria, Egypt 1935-1939.

She was a very bright girl and fellow pupils remembered her father as being in
the army - I have now found her birth in Cologne, Germany in 1921

see my website;


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From: Marian Harrison (Fort Wayne, Indiana) :  email: marianh@britanniainc.com - Feb 28, 2005

Peter and I are working on our family tree. Peter’s mother, Gwendoline Agnes is the daughter of Margaret Rebecca Wagner. The father is questionable but Gwendoline carried the name of Attrill. We suspect that Gwen was borne out of wedlock since it was all a bit of a mystery with her peer relatives not knowing who her father was but thought he came from Ilford and said that his name was Attrill. When visiting England last year we met with Gwen’s cousin who told us that Gwen wanted to visit her father but, Gwen’s husband advised not to open a “can of worms”!!!

Anyway to cut a long story short, do you know of any Attrills that may have an illegitimate daughter born in 1916. Or, are you aware of Attrills in Ilford. I believe they may have owned a grocery store. Gwen passed away a couple of years ago. 

From Raine Golab Read, Patagonia , Argentina. February 2005, Raine's  Email here 

Hi Rod and Moira, I have just seen your web page.

I have a

b: 12 April 1844 in Whippingham, Isle of Wight + MARY J. ATTRILL (married 1874 in I.O.W.)
          b: 1848 in Romsey, Hampshire (as far as I know...)
their children:
1. ARTHUR AUGUSTUS ATTRILL - b: Dec 1887 in Cowes, I.O.W.

This is far as I know.

My my mother's mother was Rosina Helen Winslow married to William Jacob
Read, and her mother was Rosina Augustus, married to SAMUEL WINSLOW (son of
Richard Winslow) in 1873. All of them born in I.O.W.

You can see the whole story at www.golab-read.com.ar the trees have their English version.

I am living in Patagonia, south Argentina, long way away!

I would love to hear from you, if you can figure the relation between your Attrills and mine!

Best wishes,             Raine Golab Read

We were unable to establish a direct connection between the families

ChristineMackay   Email   message received September 7th, 2004. 

Dear Rod

I noted that you are looking for Attrill family information so I was hoping that the following would help you link onto our family:
John ATTRILL         m.   Elizabeth NEWIN in 1736 at Carisbrooke, I of W
Thomas ATTRILL    m.    Ann JUDD            in 1784 at Northwood,      "
John ATTRILL         m.    Ann HORWOOD   in 1821 at Northwood,      "
William Horwood ATTRILL m.Ann Maria BULL in 1854 at Northwood, "
Alfred Henry ATTRILLm. Ellen Mary TURNER Iin 1883 at Surrey,England
Alfred and Ellen are my Great Grandparents.
Looking forward to hearing from you re any links to my Ancestors or any descendants of their siblings!
Regards from Queensland
Christine Mackay

From Robin Lewin e-mail   robinlewin@hotmail.com  His website is  Here    -  April 2004.

My mother was an Attrill from the Isle of Wight. My family tree goes back to 1530 when John TRELL was born in Billingham. He married Johanna TRILL and for some reason they changed their name to ATTRILL. It is my theory, which would be difficult to disprove, that this was the start of the Attrill name on the Island. The only way to prove it would be to connect all the Attrills from the island to their tree. Unfortunately this would be an almost impossible task. However, through your Website, some connections may be made.

I have studied you tree but, alas, cannot find any connection with mine. I do have an Eliza Gutteridge who was married too Jacob Mabey. Perhaps there could be a connection there?

You can view my family tree on my website www.robinlewin.co.uk if you wish. To make things easier for navigating I have split my tree into four parts, one of which is the Attrill side.

From Peter Attrell -  peter.attrell@shaw.ca   website  

I took great interest in your website and comparing the last names of your family with ours.  What are the odds that attrell was changed from attrill ??  or vice versa.  I felt I should send you a copy of our family tree to see if you recognized any names etc in it.  My brother Jim Attrell is modifying the site and can be reached through jim@nortexmodular.com if you have a suggestion.
Of note, the attrell family came over from England a number of years ago.  Have a look at my grandfather -
Stephen Noel Noah Attrell (son of Joseph Artley Attrell and Blanche Ethel Crisp) was born December 26, 1896 in West View, Godston, Surrey, UK, and died August 15, 1972 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Could this be your Canadian connection ??

From Rob Attrill  e-mail dawnattrill@aol.com  - January 2002

I have been looking at this website and notice that we could possibly be related through our great, great, great grandparents William & Elizabeth (nee Bishop). I have indications that they had a son Henry James who married Sibella Mary Hayward.Their son Henry James born 06.04.1851 married Mary Jane Whitelock. The  details I have for their son is Edward Arthur born 05.10.1879.My grandfather
married Edith Kate Norris. One of their sons is my father Leslie Walter born 1927 sadly died 1989.
This then leads me on to me Robert Allan John born last after 3 girls on 20.06.61.
I live in Hertfordshire with my wife and children Christopher (17),Stuart (16) Joseph (12) Katie (11).
I am currently tracing further details without much luck and would love to know if we have a "coat of arms". I hope that you are able to match up details with your further searches. I am aware however that my Aunt Joan emigrated to Canada & her son in turn to Australia.

From Jean   libragenie@lineone.net  - February 2002

I am just beginning to put together some information on my maternal  Grandmother her maiden name being Attrill. Mary Elizabeth Attrill. At this point in time I am trying to find her birth entry in the GIR, but I did find the entry of her marriage, she married a John Shaw on the 25th December 1908 at St Johns Church Waterloo Road in Lambeth. the place of residence at the time of the marriage is 6 Sandell Street. As the certificate has her age as 19 then she would have been born in 1889.  Her Father was a Thomas Attrill, and he was a Water Side Labourer. Now I do know that he died in Bethnel Green in 1948, as he was living with my Aunt. Elizabeth Mary Evens, nee Shaw. This is my next project, to obtain his death certificate, and then his birth certificate, which I hope will give me his place of birth. I know she had a  brother, Tom, possible another Thomas, and a elder sister my the name of Martha. there could be other sibling that I do not know of yet. 
When I have searched the 1881 census I can only find Attrell and not Attrill, but have been told that spelling errors do happen. My Grandmother died on the 23 February 1930, she had quite a few children, and I have most of the details. 
If you could help me with any information it would be most appreciated. 

From Helen Attrill in Australia  helenga@mail2me.com.au   - March 2002

I came across your page the other day and thought I should add what info I have about my family so far.  I have checked the trees on you page and can so no connection at present but who knows I might uncover something as time progresses. 

Helen's website (Gedcom file) is below:


From Jennifer Attrill in Kent. Jennybensaidane@aol.com   - June 2002

I was born Jennifer Attrill in 1959 my father is Wilfred Leonard Attrill who will be 80 next year His father was Alex, although from Godshill IOW I remember him being a Slaughter man in Pompey. Alex's brother was Fred who lived till about 90 and he was a game keeper quite near Newport. Being an Army family ended up in Kent UK.

My teacher called me out of class  in Gravesend, Kent and asked if I was from IOW as she taught there once, she had 3-4 Attrills in each class.

From Althea John  in Neath, Glamorgan -  althea.john@ntlworld.com - July 2002

I have my great  grandfathers marriage certificate . He was married on the Isle of Wight on February 19th 1870 . His name was JOHN PRIMMER and he Married MATILDA DAW. John was from Upham and Matilda from Beaminster in Dorset. At the time of their marriage John ( on marriage cert ) says he was living at St Helens and Matilda in Bembridge.(marriage at Parish church Bembridge).
As their witness they name WILLIAM ATRILL and LUCY BULL as their witnesses Have you any idea who either of them are they on your tree?
Also why would John have come over to The Island to work as a labourer at that time? I know that that question is a "how long is a piece of string Question" as he was back in Upham by 1881.
Is the name Primmer common over there? Sorry for so many questions 
Thanks Althea (Neath, Glamorgan.)

From Margaret Travers, South Australia - mbeck@bettanet.net.au

I have a Matilda ATTRILL married to Thomas George Bishop IOW living Langley Tce. Matilda was 23 on the 1881 Census born Whippingham. Hampshire. Do you have any connections?

Regards Margaret Travers
South Australia

From Celia Maleceliamale@yahoo.com  - July 2003

I am looking for JOAN ATTRILL who was at school in Alexandria, EGYPT in the late 1930s. She would now be in her late 70s. her father could have been in the Army or Air force stationed nr Alex -ie Aboukir - that is what I was told by her contemporaries! They may only have been there for a year or two, i.e. not long-term residents. She is one of the few pupils/teachers of the school I have not found.. 1500 in all from 1935-56 in 43 countries !!! All dispersed all over the world. 

I have a rather nice essay she wrote on Science in the magazine of 1937 - I was just a baby then so I did not know her. 

I was MOST interested to see the 1901 census distribution of the Attrills - that is where I started my search. All those Attrills on the Isle of WIGHT esp. called ARTHUR and aged 1 - amazing!!! Joan's father is probably one of those listed and I could make a short list according to age.. but I thought I should try you first. . 

Any leads would be welcome. 

Celia Male - UK  - International Network Co-ordinator of the English Girls' College, Alexandria, Egypt 1935-1956

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