Car Insurance For The Over 60s In The United Kingdom

Like almost any place in the world, car insurance premiums become more costly as you grow older. According to the Institute of Advanced Motoring, over 60s and over 70s drivers have more serious road accidents than anyone else on the road in the United Kingdom. To support this claim, the Association of British Insurers reports that those over 70 are twice as likely to file a claim on their insurance than those between the ages of 40 to 50. The insurance industry responds to this by considering mature drivers in a high risk category and tend to raise premiums sky high for those in the 60 and older age groups.

What Can A Mature Driver Do In The UK To Get Cheaper Car Insurance?

By going to price comparison car insurance websites, those drivers who are 60 and over and needing car insurance will find there are insurers that offer lower premiums to senior drivers based on their driving record and claims history.

The best advice to mature drivers looking for car insurance is to make sure you are physically fit to drive by taking a medical examination before you apply for or search for car insurance. If you can prove you are in good health and your eyesight is acceptable for road driving, the insurer may likely reward you with a discount in premiums. If, over the years, you've built up a no claims history, this will also help to lower your premiums. Some insurers will even transfer a no claims bonus to a spouse in the event you become unable to drive, so make sure to look for this option in your research on car insurance price comparison websites. There is also a policy called No Claims Protection, which can be purchased if you have a no claims record. It is a bit more expensive than a standard policy, but is well worth the expense for mature drivers who have maintained an accident free driving history.

Another way for mature drivers to keep their premium costs down is to take care of small damages to your car on your own without involving an insurer. For instance, if you take a trip to the market and whist shopping another driver bumps into your car in the parking lot and damages are minimal the dent caused by the bump might cost a few pounds to fix, but paying those pounds on your own will help keep your claims low and your insurer happy.

Many seniors take advantage of what the United Kingdom offers in the way of initiatives to help them stay on the road, or avoid being refused a car insurance renewal, rather than give up when driving becomes more of a challenge. Seniors are offered advanced driving tests to improve their skills and to reinforce driving confidence. At the same time, these tests are also designed to point out problems that might indicate a mature driver should not be driving at all. Seniors know when it's time to stop driving, and if they are told because of testing results that indicate they simply are not fit to drive, it may be an easier pill to swallow.